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Who, Where, What ?

EuroBmx is a small distribution company , situated in Ravels , Belgium.

We bring the World's Finest Bmx Brands to Europe and distribute these mainly to Race Bmx Specialised Shops, Online Stores, Teams, Clubs & Individuals all over Europe

Currently, Eurobmx carries the following brands : Rift, Thrill, Answer, Uni, Tangent, Ice Element, Maikun and KMC and is always looking for new , high end brands to add to their range.

We might not be the biggest distributor, but are pretty convinced that we are one of the finest to deal with. And the most important of all : we're hard core into race bmx ourselves.

EuroBmx is also proud to support some of the premium Bmx Race Teams on the Euro Circuit. Formula And Thrill Factory Europe have been very succesfull the past years with 2 Olympians in London and 2 in Rio , World Championships finalists, several European and National Champions, all this in both Elite and Challenge Classes.

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Eurobmx - Your # 1 Race Bmx Distro 

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